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Women Worth Knowing: Meet Stephanie

Posted by Lane on July 12, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Eamon was the best man at our wedding, and Eamon has one of the neatest families I've ever met.  All his siblings are interesting, lovely people, who are married to interesting, lovely people.   You really couldn't find a better group of people.   One of those wonderful people is Stephanie.


I met Stephanie a few years back, when Eamon threw a birthday party for his then-girlfriend, now wife Christina.  Stephanie was fresh from her home state of California, and just getting involved with teaching Pilates in the Fort Worth area.  We sat and talked for a good while, and I was impressed with her knowledge of physiology, as well as her understanding of the body philosophy behind Pilates.  In fact, I'd had no idea what it was until she started sharing the basics.  I just thought it was sweatier yoga.



Aside from her bubbly personality, I was also captivated by her clear passion for her work.  She was really excited about the benefits of proper spinal alignment and muscle tone, to the point that I snuck off to the only Pilates class that I could work into my schedule.  I'm not an easy sell, especially not when it means giving up time out of my day.  (Then that class got canceled, and that was the end of that!  But I did like it.)


Since then, I have watched Stephanie growing her classes and her client bookings, and have been very curious about a new method she is teaching called D Barre.  Even more interested because she has developed the workout through years of study, research, and rigorous training.  I'll let her tell you more about it.


Meet Stephanie.


Name:  Stephanie Daulton Perry

Age Range: 29

Preferred Job Title: Pilates Instructor and Creator of D barre

Industry:  Fitness Industry


Who are you?  Stephanie Daulton Perry grew up in Southern California and did her undergraduate work at Texas Christian University graduating with degrees in Psychology and English. A long life exercise enthusiast, her background is in competitive gymnastics and soccer. She has been teaching Pilates both in San Diego and Fort Worth for 10 years. Exercise is not only her career but also her hobby; spending her spare time power walking, trampolining, kickboxing, practicing yoga and in her own Pilates practice.

Stephanie was introduced to the teachings of Lotte Berk through a Pilates client and was instantly intrigued. She began traveling across the country seeking out studios that taught Lotte Berk inspired Barre classes. Loving how well the barre work integrated with her Pilates teaching, she’s spent the past year researching and developing D Barre.



Tell us about Dbarre:  D Barre is a dynamic high energy workout created by Stephanie Daulton Perry. It blends the teachings of the Joseph Pilates and Lotte Berk methods, with constant attention to proper spinal alignment. This unique approach combines Pilates core conditioning with ballet barre work to elongate, strengthen, and gracefully tone the entire body. Light weights are used to enhance the effectiveness of upper body work while mats, balls and the ballet barre are used to tone the thighs, abdominal, and seat muscles. This dynamic, high energy workout is fun, challenging, and therapeutic.


What do you think is the most important aspect of fitness as a way of life?  Movement is vital not only for physical health but for emotional and mental health. When clients begin to enjoy moving their body they begin to appreciate, respect and love it. Loving and respecting ourselves and our bodies affects so many other aspects of our lives.


I hear a lot of women saying they are afraid to go to a class or to the gym, because they don't want people staring at their "fat". What would you tell women who are too ashamed of their current bodies to go to a class?  You are your own worst critic. I can 100% promise that each time you step into the gym or to a fitness class that you will inspire at least one person. You are making the step to make yourself and your health a priority and I respect and support you for that. You are awesome!


Where do you see yourself as a fitness leader in 10 years? What's the big dream?  I am in the process of trademarking D barre. In 10 years I hope to have employees that are trained by me teaching D barre other places and have at least one D barre studio opened up. I want to constantly evolve my class as I learn more. It will always be fresh and knew and on the cutting edge of what is hot in the fitness industry.


Describe your family:  I will never forget the phone call I made to my parents nearing college graduation. I had been planning on applying to grad school to be a psychologist. All throughout college I taught mat Pilates and worked on my equipment certification and then taught part time. I called my parents and said "What would you think if I didn't go to grad school and I tried teaching Pilates full time. I know its a career most people do part time but I love it and I think I could make a great living doing it full time." There was a pause and then the reply, "Honey if anyone could do it YOU COULD!"

My parents have always been extremely supportive of me and they nurtured both my and my sister's interests, which are very different.

I have a loving husband of 6 years who's always supported me and my work. He was my number one cheerleader in the couple years that I spend developing D barre. We have 2 dogs Penny and Shelby who are like our children!!!


What does the first hour of your day look like?  My alarm goes off at 4:50am or 5am. I do a couple stretches and I pop up out of bed. I walk to the kitchen, let my dogs out and start the coffee! I am dressed, fed and caffeinated and out the door by 5:50am 5 days a week...7:30am on Saturday! I start teaching at 6am!


The last hour?  I try to turn the TV off at least 1 hour before bed. My routine is pretty simple...wash my face, cover in creams and serums (one of my loves), crawl into bed to read then lights out...I'm in bed most nights by 9:30pm.


What makes you feel successful?  I feel successful when I see my teaching changing people's lives. When I see clients begin to love their body, when I see physical changes in them like inches lost and pounds dropped, when I see them getting stronger physically, when I see them smile after class....then I feel successful. If I have made at least one person smile I feel like I have had a successful day.


What brings you joy?  Spending time with my husband, playing with my dogs, talking to my parents or good friends on the phone, jumping on my big trampoline in the backyard, shaking my hips to great music, teaching something that I can see the physical results in people. It brings me joy to have created something that is working for women and men...something that is giving them quick and serious results. I believe in working hard to play hard.


What women do you admire?  My mom. She inspires me to be a better person. She always looks on the positive side of everything! She changes people's lives everyday with her smile and her genuine interest in people. I admire my sister who gives selflessly to anyone around her.


What do you like best about your closest friend?  She always makes time to listen. There is an art to listening. She validates what I say, then thinks before she speaks. For that reason I always take her words very seriously. She gives without expecting anything in return. She smiles in the face of hardships. She is FUN!


What do you like best about yourself?  I can relate well to others. People open up to me and trust me with their thoughts, emotions and their bodies. I can make people feel comfortable and at home in a group. I love planning social gatherings and introducing people to each other!


What advice would you give boys about girls?  There is power is listening. Sometimes girls just want someone to listen and empathize instead of trying to fix the problem. Always treat women as ladies. The little things like opening a car door or complementing an outfit go a long way!


How do you overcome adversity?  I try to overcome adversity with a positive attitude. I don't believe in burning bridges. Professionally I have had some adversity and I've chosen not to get pulled in. I always trust that people know who I am. All I can do is do what I do the best that I can. When you are authentic people can tell.


How do you want to be remembered? As a loyal and loving friend, daughter, sister and wife. As a professional who cared about her clients personally, physically and mentally. As someone who lived life, laughter and making people smile.

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