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Women Worth Knowing: Meet Casey

Posted by Lane on June 30, 2011 at 10:34 AM

I was having a really bad day.  Like, a crying at my desk bad day.  I don't remember how I got there, other than following links through various and sundry websites, like Alice going through doors, but suddenly I was there.  And it only took a few blinks and a scroll down before I was hopelessly and happily lost in Elegant Musings, and have been ever since.


It had to do with the soft, muted colors, and the vintage pictures, and the style of photography, and the sweetness that came through Casey's writing; I had found an oasis in the internet. 


I visit Casey's Elegant Musings a few times a week.  In a strangely lovely way, it's like walking into my grandparents home, and sitting down in the living room.  It was always a little chilly, but not cold, and quiet, but not silent.  I could relax in my grandfather's recliner and watch the Georgia summers blooming through their big, picture windows, and listen to the grandfather clock ticking down minutes until the family would return from the Farmer's Market to make dinner out of what they'd found, while I read romance novels and wondered if there were any Eskimo pies in the freezer?  I get that feeling every time I click on Casey's bookmark.


I also feel inspired to try new things.  Casey is always posting tutorials and instructions on how to accomplish vintage missions, be they sewing projects, hairstyles, even thrifty shopping.  I spend a lot of time watching her YouTube channel, and am subscribed to her FaceBook page so I don't miss anything.


When I approached Casey to be part of the WWK Project, I was delighted to find her just as...delightful as her blog.  Every little message she sent was kind and thoughtful, and made me smile.


Friends, meet Casey.



Name: Casey

Age Range: 26

Preferred Job Title: Wife and Freelance Writer

Industry: Homemaker and Creative Dabbler!



Who are you?  I’m a blogger, seamstress, vintage aficionado, history geek, proud Navy wife, a lover of old movies and pretty dresses.


What drives your passion for vintage styling?  I think the sense of elegance and unabashed femininity. I’m an unapologetic “girly girl” when it comes to dressing and many of my pursuits in life; I’ve always admired the way women of the 40s and 50s looked so glamorous. I think too that I have come to appreciate the thought and ingenuity that went into so many things—particularly the 1940s—and how it is still relevant in the 21st century.




What is you favorite piece of personal memorabilia?  Probably one of my most cherished pieces is a 40s cord crocheted handbag I inherited from my great grandmother. She passed away in the early 1990s, but I still have vivid memories of what a sweet woman she was. I didn’t even remember I had the handbag until I rediscovered it a couple years ago, and was delighted that I had a tiny piece of family history in my closet. Maybe one day I’ll give it to my granddaughter!

Casey's Grandmother's handbag.



Tell us your life philosophy:  In a nutshell: do unto others as I would have them do unto me; and never stop being creative!


Describe your family:  It’s just me and my husband at present (and a very spoiled house bunny)! Eventually though I dare say they’ll be a couple little ones added to the mix.


What does the first hour of your day look like?  I always start the day reading—usually some sort of thoughtful, devotional-type book. That usually doesn’t take a whole hour, so after fixing a cup of tea, I usually check my email and start working on catching up with replies that need to be dealt with.



The last hour?  Spending it with my husband, usually watching a movie. Sometimes I’ll be reading or doing handwork instead.



What makes you feel successful?  When I get an email from someone who was truly inspired and encouraged by what I write or post on my blog. It means so much to me that I have access to a medium like blogging—because I love to plant the seeds of inspiration in others and perhaps show them a new technique or idea they hadn’t seen before.



What brings you joy?My family. Being in the military means that we live quite a distance from both our families and only get to see them a couple times a year. I cherish those times!


What women do you admire?  First and foremost my own mother. She schooled both my sister and I at home and encouraged my creative pursuits. She rarely sees it in herself, but she’s an amazingly talented and capable woman. She’s always looked chic and put together, taken time to help me through a problem (even to this day when I call home!), and is my thrifting partner-in-crime. I also admire the many women I have met online who are actively pursuing their dreams and inspiring others.



What do you like best about your closest friend?  My closest friend has to be my sister. She’s incredibly intelligent and wise beyond her years, can make me laugh and the sort of person I can be a total nerd around. But she’s also honest and willing to tell me when I’ve been wrong.


What do you like best about yourself?  This will probably sound a bit funny, but my ability to be thrifty with my sewing and vintage collecting. It’s hard, and means learning a lot of patience, but some of the treasures and supplies I’ve sniffed out to fit my tiny budget are well worth it!



What advice would you give boys about girls?  Don’t be shy. Whether you just want to tell a girl you think her outfit is swell (I get the sweetest comments like this sometimes!) or ask her out on a date, don’t beat around the bush. Don’t think she’s “out of your league” as a friend or romantic partner either. I still laugh that my husband thought I’d never go out with him when he first met me (despite all the hints I was dropping left and right)—three weeks later we went on our first date! You never know until you step out on a limb and put yourself out there. It’s scary, but in any relationship—no matter what the nature of it—it’s what gets the ball rolling and shows initiative.


How do you overcome adversity?  I am a very religious person, and value prayer and my faith as a way to weather life’s storms. We seem to get batted around a lot, and it’s the one thing that keeps me going even on days I feel like I want to give up.


How do you want to be remembered?  As a creative, caring and kind person. I am not perfect, of course, but try to be nice to others around me and treat them with the same dignity and kindness that I want for myself. I also love inspiring others to tap into their creative side, and would be honored to be remembered for that!


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Reply Portia
4:36 AM on July 4, 2011 
I am an avid reader of Casey's blog and have exchanged the odd email with her too. She really is this nice. Seriously sweet person.